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What is a cabin filter? Why do I need it replaced

The filter is responsible for filtering air that enters the cabin of the vehicle. In Maine, this filter is subjected to particulates year round. For the health of our guests, we recommend that the cabin air filter is replaced between 12,000-15,000 miles. Note: If you or someone who travels in your vehicle suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, you may need to replace the cabin air filter more often to help keep the cabin air as clean as possible. Notice the two pictures below. The one on the left is a used, dirty air filter, while the one to the right is a new air filter. Did you notice the difference?

Do car tires wear out based on how I drive the car?

Yes they do. Excessive heat is generated while driving at high speeds, increasing the rate of wear, and reducing the tyre’s durability. Avoid fast turns on curves, fast starts and panic stops. Also, try not to ride on the edge of the pavement, or drive over curbs, chuck-holes and other road hazards.

I'm having trouble with my part, what should I do?

Buy Auto Parts has the best warranty in the industry, without question. If you are experiencing any trouble with your part, please feel free to call and talk to one of our experts.

I already took my car to a mechanic and they said my part is defective, what do I do?

Please see your warranty section for detailed information on your warranty policy.

What information should I have ready when I call in with a question or concern?

If you would like to call and speak to one of our experts, please have your invoice number ready so we can quickly find your file. Your invoice number is located on the confirmation page that was packaged with your part. If you provided an email address, this number can also be found in your confirmation emails.

New tyres should be fixed in the rear or front?

When radial tyres are used with bias tyres on the same car, the radials must always be placed on the rear axle. Never mix radial and bias-ply tyres on the same axle. When you select a pair of replacement tyres in the same size and construction as those on the car, we recommend you put them on the rear axle. A single new tyre should be paired on the rear axle with the tyre having the most tread depth of the other three tyres.

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